TOMBALL (July 20, 2017) – Tomball Regional Health Foundation (TRHF) is pleased to purchase 3,000 CPR Anytime Kits for American Heart Association to train community members in Tomball and surrounding communities. This gift will help create a new generation of life-saving heroes. CPR Anytime allows you to learn basic lifesaving skills in about 20 minutes from the comfort and privacy of your home or workplace. Plus, CPR Anytime is completely portable, so it is easy to share with family and friends.

The $86,000 gift will secure CPR Anytime Kits that will be donated to churches and other community organizations that partner with the AHA. In 2016, Tomball Regional Health Foundation awarded AHA $89,906 placing 128 CPR in Schools Training Kits and 100 CPR Anytime Kits in six nearby school districts and one private high school. Not only did this award help local schools meet the state requirement for students to be trained in quality CPR, more than 25,000 students were trained, joining the next generation of lifesavers.

Families who are taught bystander CPR may be the answer to reducing deaths from the more than 326,000 cardiac arrests that occur outside of a hospital each year. Sadly, most of these victims die, often because bystanders don’t know how to start CPR, or are afraid they’ll do something wrong. The AHA believes kids may be the answer to saving more lives. Teaching students in school how to administer CPR helps increase the chance that a victim of cardiac arrest has the help they need until paramedics arrive and can ultimately improve Tomball’s low bystander rate. “We are thrilled to help the American

Heart Association share CPR resources and training in our community as well as school districts,” said Jack Smith, chairman of the Board at Tomball Regional Health Foundation.
“This is a fantastic opportunity to help individuals in our community learn the steps necessary to save a life.”

“We are thrilled to help the American Heart Association share CPR resources and training in our community,” said Rene Ramon. Senior Director of Community Health & Stroke at American Heart Association. ““Teaching the community CPR, puts qualified lifesavers in our community, year after year, ensuring the next generation of Tomball lifesavers.”