TOMAGWA HealthCare Ministries announced today that it has received emergency funding from the Tomball Regional Health Foundation (TRHF) to revitalize the clinic.

The decision came after a small team of TOMAGWA staff and Board members led by Interim CEO, Timika Simmons, met with the TRHF Board and presented updated 2019 budget projections which revealed the need for an infusion of immediate funding.

TRHF Chairman of the board, Vicki Clark, stated that the “TRHF Board is committed to helping the individuals in our community to get the medical and dental assistance needed to restore dignity to the uninsured, low income families treated at TOMAGWA.”

“The funding from the TRHF is a tremendous milestone in our restructuring efforts” Simmons said. TOMAGWA’s Board announced that it has an achievable, robust plan in place and that they are confident that TOMAGWA’s sustainable funding plans are tangible. “With the overwhelming support from new donors and volunteers and the increased commitments of our current ones, TOMAGWA’s outlook is very bright” Simmons said. “These are exciting times for the community we serve and the additional patients whose needs we will be able to meet” Simmons went on to say.

TOMAGWA and the TRHF joint venture began in 2013 with the opening of a dental clinic at the TOMAGWA Tomball location. Since then, TRHF has invested over $3M into the dental program which translated to a value of nearly $12M in donated dental services by the end of 2018 through over 24,300 patient visits.

“There’s no greater joy than seeing people empowered by education and increasing their oral and overall health.” said Dr. Janice Nguyen, lead dentist of the Dental Clinic.  “Thanks to the generosity of the TRHF, I’ve had the blessing of witnessing the work we do here at TOMAGWA not only change a person’s health outlook, but I have seen it reverberate out to their family members, friends, and community members.” Nguyen said.