Tomball, TX – Tomball Regional Health Foundation is excited to announce its recent grant award to Concordia Lutheran High School (CLHS) in support of teen mental health initiatives and random student drug testing, both of which will help address an epidemic of mental health concerns facing teens across the country. According to the CDC, mental health disorders among children are an important public health issue because of their prevalence, early onset and impact on the child, family and entire community.  When an adolescent is too incapacitated by a mental or neurological disorder to pursue his or her education, the whole country loses.


Since the onset of these problems can be difficult to detect and many families lack the medical means to seek help, students must rely on mental health resources provided within their schools, given that schools are an ideal place for the early detection of a mental health issue and can help provide support and guidance towards a positive outcome. This funding will allow Concordia’s counselors and teachers to be further trained to adequately address key mental health issues that may be affecting the students, and implement monthly programs on topics such as bullying, suicide prevention, depression, substance abuse, drinking/distracted driving, the impact of social media on teens – to name a few.  This grant will also continue to support CLHS clubs and organizations that help empower students on these issues.  In addition, Concordia will sponsor targeted workshops open to all parents within the community on key topics related to adolescent mental health, in accordance with the provision and guidance of family resources for these specific areas.


“We are pleased to be able to support these new and continued initiatives at Concordia Lutheran High School, and the children in our community who will benefit from them, said Vicki Clark, TRHF Chairman of the Board.”


According to Joel Bode, Head of School at Concordia, “We are thrilled to receive this grant from the Tomball Regional Health Foundation as it will allow us to continue to provide specialized development and training for our faculty and staff in areas to enhance student and school safety, as well as provide student and community presentations/workshops where professionals will speak on specific teen mental health topics. This will not only be a benefit for our Concordia community, it will also be for the Tomball and surrounding communities.”